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Connie’s Piano

Recently, I was able to observe MHTP Intern Connie Muscenti play live therapeutic music for patients at St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens, GA.   Connie is a gifted pianist, whose music possesses an ability to bring comfort and healing to patients through her talent and training in becoming a Certified Music Practitioner.


For several years, I have shared my own experiences of how live therapeutic music provides comfort and relief to patients in various conditions.  But this occasion provided me the opportunity to observe how patients might respond to therapeutic music played by another practitioner.


As I listened to Connie play, I was reminded that music’s ability to heal is not defined by the use of a specific instrument or selection of a certain piece of music.  The miracle of live therapeutic music resides in acoustic-vibratory energy.  I could see how sound affected her patients – how their bodies synchronized with, then responded to, the music she chose specifically for their conditions.


Just as science confirms that no two snowflakes are exactly alike, music practitioners play live therapeutic music with different variations and nuances, but achieve consistent results regardless of the instrument or selection of music.  As an art-form based on the science of sound, live therapeutic music may vary based on the interpretation of the music practitioner, but science provides the constant that allows each session to be uniquely beautiful, yet effective.


Simply put, Music Heals!

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