A Father’s Gift

//A Father’s Gift

A Father’s Gift

A touching story shared with me this week from a patient’s family:

“I knew nothing of the gift that my father and I would receive the day we were introduced to Strings of Mercy. Although I had known Chuck for a few years, I truly did not understand the power of Live Therapeutic Music.
My father was suffering from late stage Lewy Body Dementia. His days were filled with fear, anxiety, hallucinations and confusion. I still don’t understand the science behind Chuck’s music. But I can tell you that within minutes of Chuck starting to play for my dad, my dad became very lucid and alert. While Chuck played, dad reached for my hand and smiled; which he had not been able to do for months.
As my father lay in his hospital bed listening to the music, he began to relax and smile. After Chuck had finished his session, dad was still smiling with a tear of joy. He was actually able to verbally thank Chuck for visiting and playing for him.
Over the following weeks, Chuck played a few more times before dad passed away. All of us looked forward to Chuck’s visits because we had all shared the gift of peace that my dad received through Chuck’s music. And for that, I am forever grateful!”

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