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God Sent You to Me

The elderly hospital patient was asleep as I entered her room. Since her nurse had just referred me, I began playing softly. Waking up after a few minutes, Joanie squinted, rubbed her eyes and asked, “Am I dreaming? Where am I? The music, it sounded like I was in heaven.” She looked at me and asked, “Are you an Angel?” I assured her that I was not, and then introduced myself as a therapeutic musician who had been referred to play for her.

As I continued to play, Joanie reveled in all kinds of music, moving from joy to tears, then back to joy. Raising her hands, she would say, “Thank you, Lord for music!” Then, she would erupt into tears and ask again, “You sure you’re not an Angel?” During our session, she repeated that only an angel could make such music. Afterward, she added, “Your music made me feel better than any medicine they have given me. I am grateful that God sent you to me today.”

Music has the power to enliven or quiet us. It can comfort, encourage or heal us. It can lift us up or even, on occasion, make us blue. It can save us even during those times when we feel as though nothing or no one can help us. It is pretty amazing how we are wired and how something as natural as a song can change our outlook for the entire day. If you’re feeling blue, take 12 minutes to listen to the 1st movement of Beethoven’s Symphony no. 6, his “Pastoral” Symphony and see if you don’t have a different perspective afterward. Click on this link for a Youtube recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75OMvblyD-Q


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