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Georgia Hospital Association

I was privileged to speak and play for the Georgia Hospital Association's Council of Auxiliaries / Volunteers in Augusta earlier this week. There are many healthcare workers who have yet to experience and understand the benefits of live Therapeutic Music. Strings of Mercy is working to promote Therapeutic Music in Healthcare in order to help [...]

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Sarah’s Eyes Fluttered Open

Just as no two snowflakes are ever the same, Therapeutic Music can touch each person in unique ways. Typically offered to help patients manage pain or anxiety, Therapeutic Music can create environments where a particular piece of music played a certain way creates those amazing experiences that extend well beyond our understanding of the human [...]

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Somewhere over the Rainbow

While working in a local ICU, one of the nurses approaching me with an all too familiar expression on his face. He waved me over to his station and asked if I could play for the family of a young cardiac patient who was having all life saving measures suspended. While we walked to the [...]

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If Only You Could Play for Me Every Day

Huntington’s Disease is a dreadful disease. A hereditary genetic disorder, it causes the muscles of those afflicted to seize and contract involuntarily, often violently. One patient I served recently in a local ICU suffers from this disease. She described her chorea (tremors) as “though her muscles try to pull away from her bones and tear [...]

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