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“Therapeutic Music is able to touch patients in places that medicine just can’t reach.”

-Emily, a Hospice Nurse

As a Certified Music Practitioner, Strings of Mercy Director Chuck Beckman has been providing Live Therapeutic Music for patients in hospitals, hospice, skilled nursing and rehab facilities since 2010.

Currently, hundreds of Music Practitioners across the nation are unable to secure funding to provide therapeutic music services for patients in their areas.  What if funds were to become available for healthcare facilities which would allow Music Practitioners to bring comfort and healing to these patients and their families?  What if every patient who entered a healthcare facility was made aware of the benefits of therapeutic music and was offered an option to receive this form of palliative care?

Strings of Mercy is a non-profit organization created to raise awareness of Live Therapeutic Music and partner with local health care organizations to help secure funding for Live Therapeutic Music services. We are dedicated to changing the way we care for the suffering.

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About Live Therapeutic Music

“Live Therapeutic Music” is not a term one hears every day in medical circles.  When health care professionals hear the term, they often think of Music Therapy.  However, Certified Music Practitioners who provide Live Therapeutic Music are not Music Therapists.

Live Therapeutic Music is live acoustic music that is played at an individual patient’s bedside by a Certified Music Practitioner.  The Music Practitioner assesses each patient and plays music based on that patient’s condition.  The Music Practitioner provides an atmosphere where physical, emotional or spiritual healing may occur. Research shows that Live Therapeutic Music can affect a patient’s physical condition.   Agitated patients become calm as heart rate and respirations slow and blood pressure falls.  Patients suffering from pain report relief and often fall asleep during a Live Therapeutic Music session.  Alzheimer’s patients can become more alert and oriented during Live Therapeutic Music sessions.  Patients nearing end of life or who suffer from Terminal Agitation benefit from Live Therapeutic Music when nothing else seems to comfort them.   Live Therapeutic Music also comforts family members who often can only look on as their loved ones suffer.

*Certified Music Practitioners are trained and certified by the Music for Healing and Transition Program, Inc.™ (MHTP).  Only Certified Music Practitioners (or musicians who have obtained similar certification from similar programs) are qualified to provide Live Therapeutic Music as defined by these organizations.


Live Therapeutic Music Makes a Difference

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