Strings of Mercy

Changing the way we care for the suffering through Live Therapeutic Music

Strings of Mercy creates a healing environment for hospital and hospice patients by providing Live Therapeutic Music at the bedside.

Pain. Agitation. Anxiety. Elevated Heart Rate, Blood Pressure or Rate of Respiration

Yes, there are medications for all of these symptoms, but sometimes medicine is just not enough. That's where Live Therapeutic Music (LTM) comes in as a complementary, clinical intervention.

When played at the bedside by a Certified Music Practitioner, LTM often helps patients relax, rest and stabilize.  In fact, many of our patients fall asleep during LTM sessions, and we’re okay with that. 


Because we’re changing the way we care for the suffering 

through Live Therapeutic Music.

Certified Music Practitioner playing Live Therapeutic Music on a Harp for a patient in a hospital bed

 LTM is an art form based on the science of sound.  It is not entertainment or music therapy, but a non-pharmacologic intervention that helps suppress the "fight or flight response" that is often present in patients suffering from symptoms of pain, anxiety, agitation, respiratory distress, or terminal agitation.

A hospice nurse shares the power of Live therapeutic music

A young woman is in hospice care.  Her family has gathered around her and she has been sedated, but she is still agitated, crying out, and trying to get out of bed.  The nurses have done all they can for her and still, she struggles.  And then a therapeutic musician walks in with a guitar, and everything changes ...

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