Strings of Mercy

Changing the way we care for the suffering through Live Therapeutic Music

" ... every hospital should integrate live therapeutic music into their delivery of care"

"I recently cared for my mother-in-law during the final two weeks of her life, and watched her receive medications that were largely ineffective in relieving her symptoms of pain and agitation. After witnessing her physiologic response to Chuck’s music, I believe that every hospital should integrate Live Therapeutic Music into their delivery of care.”

                                         – Steve Dickson, MScHS, RRT-NPS

Steve is a Registered Respiratory Therapist with more than 25 years of critical care experience.

Hands playing a harp, which is a common instrument used for Live Therapeutic Music

Hands playing a harp, which is a common instrument used for Live Therapeutic Music

Woman thinking about where the money to fund Live Therapeutic Music Programs comes from

Where does our funding come from?

Much of our funding comes from generous monthly donations and one-time gifts from individuals like you.  Funding from corporate donors and grants from public and private foundations also help us provide LTM services for patients in hospitals, skilled nursing, memory care or hospice facilities.  Grants from churches like The Vine Community Church, or foundations like the Forsyth County Arts Alliance and United Way are also instrumental to helping us provide services to area patients.

Since LTM is currently not a reimbursable expense covered by Medicare or private insurance, donations to Strings of Mercy are used to help finance the development of therapeutic music programs at hospitals and healthcare facilities so that CMPs can provide LTM services to patients in need.   

How You Can Help

Thanks to donations from generous individuals like you, Strings of Mercy has provided more than 12,000 Live Therapeutic Music sessions to patients in area hospitals, hospice, and skilled nursing facilities.  With your help we can reach thousands more, and even expand our reach beyond the Atlanta area.  

Will you consider making a one-time or monthly gift?  Your tax-deductible contribution, no matter how large or small, will allow us to expand our reach by placing Certified Music Practitioners in more facilities each year.  

Proceeds from purchases of the Treasures from Our Past CD also go directly to Strings of Mercy (see below for details).

Thank you in advance for your consideration. 

let's change the way we care for the suffering

Your generous support will help place Music Practitioners at additional healthcare facilities.  You can click the button below to use a credit card or Paypal, or mail a check to the address at the bottom of the page.  Thank you.

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Treasures from Our Past CD or digital download

Soothing instrumental classics from the 50's - 80's available on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify

Cover of Treasures from our Past CD which contains soothing music played by Certified Music Practitioner Chuck Beckman

This instrumental project by Chuck Beckman, founder of Strings of Mercy, includes peaceful favorites like What a Wonderful World, Memory, Over the Rainbow, If, and more!  Support Strings of Mercy and our vision to change the way we care for the suffering by purchasing a CD or digital download, available on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.  

Makes a great gift!

Amazon review: 5 out of 5 stars

"A great collection of memories that will soften your day one song at a time."


5.0 out of 5 stars

I wanted to listen to this because this music was shared with my mother shortly before she died with Alzheimer's. We had lost mom for the most part, but the spark that was lit in her when she heard this music was incredible and it was the happiest and most engaged I had seen her in a long time. I wish I had been able to purchase this a year ago as I think it would have been one of her treasured possessions in her last days.

Funny thing though, when I listened to these songs the way they are presented in this collection, it had an effect on me as well. I was simply listening at my desk at work because I had just downloaded the purchase from Amazon music. As I listened, I seemed to feel less anxious about my work, not necessarily like everything's just peachy, but less anxious nevertheless.

I probably won't be putting this in my playlists after Marshall Tucker or Garth Brooks, but it will occupy a place of its own for a particular listening experience. This is special music as there is something magical about where it can take you and also where it can keep you from going - if that makes sense. I highly recommend it and plan to buy some for friends as well.