Strings of Mercy

Changing the way we care for the suffering through Live Therapeutic Music

live therapeutic music makes a difference for patients

I was able to forget

“Your music was so relaxing.   My pain was pretty bad when you came in, but the music relaxed me so much, I was able to forget about my illness and the pain, it simply melted away.” 

Answer to my prayers

"For weeks, my nurses have worked hard to help me feel better.  But I think your music has done more to heal me than anything the doctors have done.  Your music is good medicine and I’m quite certain that your visit today is God’s answer to my prayers!”

Best medicine I've had

"I heard you playing in the hall and was pretty sure I would enjoy your music.  But I never imagined that your music would be so relaxing.  In fact, your music just might be the best medicine I have had since I’ve been here."

Lifted my spirits

“Your music was exactly what I needed this morning.   Sometimes, when I’m feeling so bad, it’s easy to forget that God is with me every step of the way of my treatment.  But your music lifted my spirits and for that, I am truly grateful.”

You made my day

"I’ve almost forgotten why I was so angry. Your music and our conversation just allowed all that anger to float away. You’ve made my day."

Part of your family

“Your music brought back so many memories, it was as though I was hearing them again for the first time.  I can’t believe that you would visit me here in the hospital.  You don’t know me at all, yet here you are playing this beautiful music and caring for me like I am part of your family.”

Our music practitioners share their stories from actual ltm sessions (patient names have been changed)